About GMT

1. Project objectives

We have created an easy way of mining that does not require the purchase of expensive equipment, maintaining and connection.
GMT helps to overcome major barriers and lower the threshold for entry into mining.

2. What is GMT Token

GMT is a bitcoin mining token backed by real computing power. By purchasing GMT, holders get to use a portion of the ever-growing computing power of the device fleet involved in bitcoin mining. From the next day, they start receiving BTC rewards directly to their bitcoin wallet.
GMT simplifies the initial mining process without investing in expensive hardware or going deeply into the details of setting up and connecting it.

3. How does GMT token work?

Each GMT token corresponds to the computing power of mining hardware. By purchasing a token, the holder gets a part of the computing power of the device fleet involved in mining. After that, he starts receiving a daily BTC reward to his Bitcoin wallet directly from the pool.
Income is accrued once a day, starting from the next day after purchase and verification.
The power of the token regularly grows without any additional investments by the holder. When the project team introduces new hardware, it issues new tokens. The number of tokens is not proportional to the input capacity, but 20% lower. The free power is then distributed among all the tokens in circulation causing the power of each to grow, and thereby increasing daily BTC mining rewards.

4. How is GMT different from other tokens?

Each token holder starts receiving a daily BTC reward to his Bitcoin wallet directly from the pool.
In order to start receiving rewards, you need to register in your personal account on the website, indicate your GMT and BTC addresses, where BTC will be credited from the mining pool.

5. Where can I see all the key stats for pool payouts and current device fleet?

On the gmt.io website on the "Statistics" page, you can see all relevant key indicators.

6. In what media can I read about GMT?

All media publications about the GMT Token can be found on the gmt.io website on the "About Us" page. Also, you can read more about the project in our blog on the Medium portal.

7. How many holders does GMT have?

All daily updated information about the token and the number of its holders is visible on the CoinMarketCap website.
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