1. What is token burning?

The GMT team issues new tokens after the introduction of new equipment. Some of the new tokens get immediately burned, and the released power is distributed among all the tokens in circulation.
As a result, the security capacity of each token and its mining power increase.

2. Why do you issue new tokens?

An additional emission is the release of new tokens into circulation. Additional emission is carried out when we connect new equipment in our data centers. The volume of additional emission tokens is proportional to the volume of capacities we introduced.

3. What are the benefits of an additional emission of tokens?

As we regularly burn tokens the supply capacity of GMT is constantly growing. The stable growth of the supply capacity reduces the dependence on the cryptocurrency rate and compensates for the volatility of bitcoin.
After each issue, the team burns from 20% to 90% of the tokens.
The supply capacity of 1 GMT

4. How often is the additional issue carried out?

An additional issue of tokens is carried out immediately after the purchase and connection of new equipment. At the moment, we have not determined how often we burn tokens.

5. Is it possible that you burn my tokens?

No, this is absolutely impossible. We burn only additionally issued tokens that have not yet gone on sale and which belong to the company and are stored at the issuing address:

6. What are the guarantees that you will not issue tokens that are not backed by equipment?

You can see our commitment to issuing tokens in the White Paper. In order to confirm that the supply capacity is real, you can find watchers data from the Binance pool and daily payments to users. This information is publicly available.