Increasing token computing power

1. Why computing power is increasing?

Each GMT token is backed by real computing power of our device fleet.
As we commission new equipment, we issue new tokens. That way, both the capacity of the device fleet and the number of tokens in circulation increase.
As we issue new tokens, we burn 20% of that amount.
Their computing power is distributed among all remaining tokens in circulation.
Hence, the computing power of each token, the capacity of the device fleet, the number of tokens in circulation, and your mining reward grow.

2. Why do you issue new tokens?

An additional emission is the release of a new batch of tokens into circulation. For us, the main source is when we hook up new equipment in our data centers. The volume of tokens is calculated to be 20% lower than the proportional amount of power, distributing the free power among all the tokens out there.

3. What are the benefits of an additional emission of tokens?

Thanks to the introduction of new equipment, the supply capacity of the token is growing all the time. The stable growth of the provisioning capacity reduces dependence on the rate of cryptocurrencies and compensates for the volatility of bitcoin.
The supply capacity of 1 GMT

4. How often is the additional issue carried out?

We carry out additional emission immediately after we purchase and connect new equipment. The frequency of commissioning additional capacities is currently not regulated.

5. What are the guarantees that you will not issue tokens that are not backed by equipment?

You can see our commitment to issuing tokens in the White Paper. In order to confirm that the supply capacity is real, you can find watchers data from the Binance pool and daily payments to users. This information is publicly available.