How to check your time-locked tokens

What time-locked GMT tokens are

Time-locked GMT tokens are temporarily locked tokens. They may appear if you buy GMT tokens with a promo code or as part of a promotion.
In your GMT personal account, time-locked tokens look like this:
These tokens are owned by you and earn daily mining rewards in BTC. However, for now they cannot be sold or transferred to anyone within a certain period of time. The date and time when tokens are unlocked is specified in the wallet card.
For example, the tokens in the screenshot below will be unlocked in 7 days. It means that in 7 days the GMT tokens will appear on the wallet balance and you can freely control them.

How to check your time-locked GMT tokens

You can additionally check your time-locked tokens and make sure that they really belong to your GMT-address.

Step 1

Go to the website of one of the block browsers. If your GMT address is on the ERC-20 network, you need the Etherscan website. If your GMT address is on the BEP-20 network, you need the BscScan website.
Enter the GMT smart contract address depending on the token network.
  • ERC-20 0xa1989626279374aefB614D0dD06D944b307E28AE
  • BEP-20 0x5480b440Fc214c01C16029FA52E9aE743487199c
Let's take the Etherscan block browser as an example. In the highlighted field, enter the smart contract address in the ERC-20 network and click search icon.

Step 2

The screen will display main information about the smart contract. Next, go to the "Contract" section.

Step 3

In this section, you can see the code of the smart contract. Now you need to go to the "Read Contract" section.

Step 4

Click on the "balanceOf" function. Enter your GMT address and click the "Query" button.
For example, let's check the time-locked tokens on the address:
Enter this address into the field and click "Query".
The result is a long value, which should be translated into tokens. GMT token uses 18 decimal places, which means to get the number of tokens you need to:
  • perform a math operation
  • count 18 characters from the end and put a comma
29536,326743614930000000 — this is the number of time-locked tokens in our example